Desert Bloom Herbs wecomes wholesale inquiries. It would be a pleasure to supply your store or private practice with the fine products I have developed over the last decade, and which have proven very effective with clients in my own herbal practice.

Unfortunately, Desert Bloom Herbs company does not ship products to addresses outside the U.S. due to severe restrictions on small companies, imposed by international trade agreements. I feel that these trade agreements have proven to be detrimental to traditional and indigenous systems of medicine in every country which has accepted the trade agreements. Our company is actively involved in PROTECTING these traditional medical systems, which are used by 70% of all people on Earth.>

Wholesale prices are available for bulk volume purchases to qualified accounts. (You must be a bonafide business related to the herbal field, OR be an alternative practitioner, herbal practitioner, or medical doctor to qualify for wholesale pricing).

Wholesale pricing requires a minimum purchase (product cost) of $50.00 each time you order. Shipping costs will be added to the total product costs to determine the total billing charge for your order.

Please call us to establish your account and / or to inquire about wholesale terms before placing a wholesale order with Desert Bloom Herbs. When you call, we can give you our wholesale catalog web address, so that you can always download the most current version of our wholesale catalog, which is now available as a PDF document. The catalog download page also includes a quick link to the Adobe products site, to allow you to download the appropriate version of the free Acrobat reader program for your computer.

We require a resale tax license (copy), and a local business license (copy) before we will extend wholesale pricing to new accounts. These may be snail-mailed to our address directly after placing your first order, as we do not have fax capability at our offices. (Two other ways to transmit this information are: to digitally scan the documents or to digitally photograph the documents, and then send them to us over the internet).

You may wish to order using a visa or mastercard credit card. Please call us to give your credit card information via the phone lines, instead of worrying about the security of internet e-mail submissions with this type of sensitive information. We encourage you to read the specifics of Desert Bloom Herbs Privacy Policy for your own peace of mind.

After establishing a wholesale account with Desert Bloom Herbs, we encourage you to e-mail us a photo of your storefront or office, with a short description of your business or practice. We can also provide a direct link to your own website. This information will enable me to place your business photo and description on the where to find our products page, and will give you a bit of free advertising which will promote your business.

As long as your account is current, and we recieve an order from you at least every 6 months, we are happy to keep your free business listing on this special page.

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