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This is a brand new site which deals with the issue of whether or not herbalists in general should adopt the Traditional Medicines Congress (TMC) draft document, which is a regulatory scheme, cooked up by trade organizations, which aims to allow more information on labels, about how herbal products are to be used. The problems with this are many, including the effect of taking away the ability of herbalists to use herbs which relate to many indigenous medicine practices, (since they have no written historical documentation). It also sets the stage for standardization and licensure of herbalists in the U.S.

We must realize that herbal medicine is an ORALLY-TRANSMITTED tradition, which is the ORIGINAL form of medicine for humanity, and which has thousands of generations of knowledge behind it. Today, the herbalists alive on Earth, around our globe, representing all diverse herbal traditions, are indeed the keepers of this important human knowledge. Please go to this site for a better understanding of the many threats which emanate from international trade treaties, and are destroying traditional herbalism and with it, the cultural heritage of the peoples of the world. This site will give you lots of information about what you can do to


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