"Sinus-Aide Herbal Rinse"

This product was designed for use in most conditions involving chronically inflamed nasal sinuses (no matter what the cause may be). It contains three plant extracts which have been blended according to our proprietary formula. These herbs include: Goldenseal root (certified organically grown), Yerba Mansa root (wildcrafted from clean areas or grown in our gardens), and rose petals.

Use: "Sinus-Aide Herbal Rinse" is made for use with the Neti pot™, (or other styles of nasal irrigation), and is used exactly as if you were rinsing with the isotonic salt water blend alone, except that this extract is added to the salt water before rinsing the sinuses, or can be added to the Neti pot™ just before adding the warm salt water.

Suggestion: A full Neti pot full of the solution may be rinsed through each nostril, following the directions on the " Neti pot™" page.

We hope that users of this product will understand that courses of antibiotics or the ingestation of dairy products, and wheat products may adversely affect the body's ability to reach homeostasis (balance) in a large (and growing) percentage of persons. Therefore, avoiding these foods until the body sheds the infection, (or learning to exclude them from one's dietary intake, if underlying food or drug allergies are discovered), can be very helpful and even pivitol in bringing change to infected-sinus conditions.

Observed Effects: The use of this product by people with acute and chronic sinus congestion or infection, along with dietary changes, has regularly resulted in the elimination of excess mucous and bacterial overgrowth. (usually within a week or two of regular use). With continued use over a period of months, this formula has also been included in protocols which were successful in reversing and eliminating the formation of recurring nasal pollops. Some people may find other treatment options preferrable to surgical removal of pollops.

About antibiotics: Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria within the body. Using them may result in the destruction of these organisms, without regard to the type of bacteria it affects. However, the fact is, humans require many types of beneficial (friendly) bacteria to remain in our bodies (especially our gut,... specifically, the lower bowel). These friendly bacteria help to prevent opportunistic overgrowths of many harmful bacteria, and also have other functions (jobs they do) within the body. These activities include breaking down cellulose, which is contained in foods we eat, and which our gut cannot digest and absorb by itself. These friendly bacteria break down the cellulose and transform parts of it into vitamin B-12...(as an example). (Vitamin B-12, made by these friendly bacteria is absorbed in the lower bowel and prevents certain kinds of anemia).

Effects of dairy products: We all know that dairy products have been given to many of us since birth, or shortly thereafter. But what we may not realize is that these products (milk, cheese, and ice cream) contain proteins to which our bodies' internal mucous membrane linings react. This reaction causes the mucous membranes of the gut to secrete extra mucous to protect and isolate them. This reaction isn't limited to the gut, but results in more mucous being produced in the nasal sinus and throat too, since both are lined by these protective mucous membranes. Unfortunately, the extra mucous produced is a perfect place for bacteria to grow and multiply, especially when courses of antibiotics have already wiped out the populations of beneficial bacteria which normally keep numbers of harmful bacteria in check.

Doseage: 45 to 60 drops (1 1/2 to 2 ml.) put into the Neti pot™ , and used as a nasal rinse, up to 3 times per day. It may also (in addition to using it to irrigate the sinuses), be put into a cup of plain warm water or tea, and taken internally at the same doseage and frequency. If chronic infections or pollups are present we encourage you to use this product both internally and in nasal irrigation applications.

Cautions and Contraindications: Pregnant women, (or those attempting to become pregnant), and lactating mothers, should avoid using this product, due to its high Goldenseal root (Hydrastis canadensis) content.

For women in pregnancy, one suggestion for an herb which could be substituted, is Yerba Mansa root (Anemopsis californica), which can be used as a strong tea,... to be taken internally, or used (after cooling to body temperature), (with the isotonic solution method described below), in place of our Sinus aide Heral Rinse.

In any case, a strong herbal tea made of either the root above, or simply using rose petals, brewed up and made into an isotonic solution ( made by dissolving approximately 1/4 th teaspoonful of sea salt (not iodized, purified salt) into a cup of water)... is probably something anyone can do for themselves, which can help in resolving long-standing sinus infections, allergies, and generally poor mucous-membrane health, more than most anything else they might do.

The action of flowing liquid through the nasal air passages, (which are completely lined with mucous membranes), usually helps to remove dust, pollens, dander, and other allergens, which may have become trapped there. The addition of sea salt to make the isotonic solution adds some membrane-soothing qualities to this liquid wash. Using herbs which have mild astringent properties and strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and which come into direct contact with the irritated or infected membrane tissues, can amplify these soothing and healing effects, and seems to be a sensible, and comparatively cost-effective thing to do.

Cost: This product is available only in a two fluid ounce size. (which will be enough for two weeks of regular use in most cases). It comes in a 2 fluid ounce amber bottle with dropper. The label lists ingredients and suggested doseage range.

2 fl. oz bottle: $17.10

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