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Desert Bloom Herbs company does not ship products to addresses outside the U.S. due to severe restrictions on small companies, imposed by international trade agreements.

However, if you do have a U.S. address, it's easy to order products from us, and you'll actually speak to a real, friendly, knowledgeable human being, (who is also a clinical herbalist), instead of having to use an impersonal automated system. This allows us to help you find the right herb or product for your purpose, which will hopefully help you achieve better results, and a higher degree of satisfaction in your uses of herbs.

Please phone our office during business hours: Monday thru Friday, from 9:00 a.m until 5:30 p.m (MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE) 1-575-313-8048 .

At this time, we do not plan to offer an automated website. Desert Bloom Herbs is a small company, and specialize in serving our local community, bona fide health care practitioners, and clients. Our products are made in smaller quantities, to ensure freshness, and a higher degree of quality control than is generally available in mass-produced products.

We always prefer to have some personal contact with customers such as yourself, who order herbs from us, so we can provide you whatever specific information you might need about the products. This personal service ensures that the items ordered are appropriate for their intended uses. I hope you like the site and our service and find our offerings informative and useful.

The suggested minimum retail order is $ 25.00 (cost of product). Purchasing at the minimum suggested quantities is not mandatory, but is suggested since it reduces the percentage of your total purchase cost that is paid for shipping. No matter how small your order is, the minimum shipping charges will always be $ 6.50. When your actual shipping costs exceed $ 6.50, then the actual shipping cost will be charged.

Although we always try to have all items in stock, and the most current prices listed on our website, the availability and cost of items are subject to change. Please inquire when ordering.

Payment Methods:

We now accept payment with Check or Money order ONLY.

Due to the problems of security over the internet, we ask that you to please call us to verbally.

Personal Checks, Money orders, and bankdrafts,(in U.S. dollars), are also welcomed, however, products cannot be shipped until payment has been recieved by one of the above methods.

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Shipping is via the United States Postal Service. The minimum shipping and handling fee is $ 6.50. For orders which exceed the minimum shipping charge, the actual shipping cost is determined and added to the product total, at the time your order is filled. When you telephone or e-mail your order, we can closely estimate your shipping charges for you. If you do not wish to have your packages shipped via the U.S Postal Service, please let us know at the time of your order. If you choose to use another service (besides the U.S. Postal Service), then actual shipping charges will be added to your order.

We do not accept orders from outside the United States, however, if you wish to order these products and wish them to be shipped to you in a foreign country, you will need to provide us with the address of someone with a U.S. address who will accept a shipment from us and then send it on to you in your foreign location. Desert Bloom Herbs does not assume responsibility for any such orders after they leave our possession, however we we can insure packages for an amount adequate to cover replacement value, and that cost will be added to your total. Please remember that some herbs or products may not be allowed by customs or the government of the country to which the package is shipped. We encourage you to investigate these potential difficulties with the appropriate foreign government agencies before shipping an order to a foreign address.
We also do not recommend shipping fragile products internationally, (such as lotions which have limited shelf life), since we do not use artificial preservatives in any of our products. Please keep this in mind if you are re-shipping products from us to other countries, (especially ones in warmer, tropical climates).
Thanks for your interest in herbs and our fine, all-natural herbal products!


We're sorry, but we offer no credit terms. We do, however, offer GREAT service!


Desert Bloom Herbs
1606 N. Florida.
Silver City, New Mexico USA 88061

It is always appreciated if you e-mail us at Desert Bloom Herbs with a list of products which you want to order,
(ahead of time), so that we can check our current inventory for you, to insure product availability.

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