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Ceramic Neti pot™ , used for nasal sinus irrigation


$18.00 ea.


Have a look at our "Sinus-Aide Herbal Rinse"herbal combination, which uses only the healing properties of the plants, chosen for their mild astringent properties, or their anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory attributes. 2 fl. oz size: $17.10 ea.

How to use the Neti ™ pot... It's easy!

Nasal Irrigation pots are all used in the same or similar manner. These particular pots hold a cup (8 fluid ounces) of liquid. This technique is used to rinse out subborn mucous secretions which have become hardened, or which have trapped other foreign matter, such as dust and pollens within them. This technique is nothing new, however it has recently been introduced to the "Western world", from India,where its origins are debatable. One thing which isn't debatable, though is how well nasal irrigation techniques work, when performed properly. In addition, when anti-biotic, astringent and anti-inflammatory herbs are used in the rinse, this method can preclude (make unnecessary) using pharmaceutical antibiotics in your personal treatment protocol.

The sea salt and optional "Sinus-Aide Herbal Rinse"" work to soothe the membranes in cases of infection or irritation, with regular use, and dietary intake alterations, until the infection is resolved.

If you have this recurring problem of sinus infections, and are a milk drinker (cows milk and its products), I recommend taking a look at the not milk . com site to discover more about milks negative aspects. You will be amazed at what you learn, and may discover how avoiding dairy products (cows milk), can help your overall sinus problem! Goats milk seems to be a somewhat better alternative, but is difficult to find in many areas.

Now, the specifics:

First, when using nasal irrigation pots, the purest substances must be used, such as purified water (not tap water), and only some version of "pure sea salt". If you use tap water, or a kind of salt which has "anti-caking agents" such as silicone dioxide, etc. within it, you will only serve to irritate the delicate mucous membrane lining which protects the nasal sinus passages. So, to avoid irritating these tissues, and to assure that you have a good experience with any nasal irrigation pot, use only some form of purified water and a pure form of sea salt without any additives.

After heating the water, fill the neti ™ pot with the hot water. Dissolve 1/4 teaspoonful of pure sea salt into the neti ™ pot. Let liquid cool until it is at body temperature (the same temperature as a babys bottle). If you decide to use our "Sinus-Aide Herbal Rinse", this is the time to add it to the mixture (30 to 90 drops), and stir until thouroughly blended.

Position yourself over a sink (preferrably with a mirror). Lean over the sink and gently turn the head to one side. Insert the spout of the Nasal irrigation pot gently into the upper nostril, and slowly tip the pot so that the liquid begins to flow through the spout and into the nostrils and nasal sinuses. (At this point, you may experience the liquid running down the back of your throat.) Stay calm, relax the muscles of the throat, and hold the breath. The liquid should then begin to pour out from the nostril which is in the lower position. If you experience some difficulty, don't give up, as it is really very easy to get this technique to work well with a little practice. After passing the first potful of liquid through the sinuses, fill the pot again with the same mixture. Turn your head in the opposite direction, (so that the opposite nostril is now in the upper position), and repeat the above procedure. Pass a full potful of liquid through this second nostril.

This can be repeated two or three times daily, until a few days after the apparent conditon has resolved.

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