"Muscle-Warming Salve"

Ingredients: Menthol crystals, Cinnamon bark, Chinese Skullcap root, Cacalia root, Calendula flowers, Yarrow flowers, Arnica flowering herb, Gallium, Camphor weed, Hazelnut oil, Grapeseed oil, Extra virgin Olive oil, Unrefined Beeswax, Peppermint pure essential oil.

Suggested Uses: This salve is incredible! There is nothing better than our famous "Muscle-Warming Salve" to loosen stiff, tight muscles after a hard day of physical activities, or an "over-intense" workout. It may work to stimulate local circulation and to prevent or lessen bruising, when you slipped or bumped into something way too hard!

Although we suggest NOT applying Muscle-Warming Salve to broken skin, or to areas close to the eyes, or genitals, this salve is great for most conditions which need an application of something which can work to warm and relax the muscles.

Massage therapists have related stories to me about how much better they have helped a persons muscles relax when using this salve at the start of the massage, and say they are subsequently able to work on a much deeper level in the clients body. Therefore, it is recommended to massage therapists.

I personally like the way I have felt this salve work on my own body, to loosen up a stiff neck, when I've managed to sleep in some weird position. Many times, in the evenings, I've massaged it into my lower back and shoulders to create the now familiar penetrating warming, which relaxes my achey muscles. It may also work wonderfully on your muscular strains and sprains.

This fine, specialty herbal salve incorporates several herbs and the knowledge of how they are used, from the Native American tribes of the Southwestern United States. It also contains some other herbs which we ethically wildcraft from high, alpine areas of the Rocky Mountain region. Still other roots and barks which are incorporated here, come from China and India. (These are countries which continue to use the two most ancient, intact systems of Herbal Medicine in the world, the Chinese and the Ayeurvedic systems.) Muscle-Warming Salve brings you a world of herbs and strong herbal relaxation in one all-natual preparation.