A wonderful "new" plant to add to your herbal repertoire, Spilanthes acmella, also known as toothache plant is a great synergist to Echinacea. The plant is very beautiful, and can be grown as an annual in most climates. It has striking cone-like flowers, much smaller than Echinacea. Spilanthes has no flower petals, but instead, exhibits golden "buds" with a rust-red center! This plant is called toothache plant because one can chew on the fresh or dried flower, or take the extract to help deaden pain from a tooth until they can visit the dentist. It is not only topically anesthetic for gums and teeth, but it is also bacteriostatic, helping to fight tooth decay.

Spilanthes is one of the few herbs which exhibits anti-malarial properties. It is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and immuno-stimulating. Its properties are warming and highly stimulating. It can cause one to salivate profusely for a few minutes. This is an herb experience to remember. VERY USEFUL, No reported toxicity or reactions.

Dosage: as a tea, 1/2 cup or as an extract, 1:5 , 70% alc., 30-90 drops all to three times daily.

Both the fresh herb extract or seeds for planting some yourself available. see mastertable under Spilanthes, or Combination extracts under either "mouth aid", or "Anti-viral " products. e-mail me about the seeds...l'll get back with you.

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