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A Price List for Standardized Extracts and their Related Products
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Stevia rebaudiana

(tea cut, natural leaf) $ 1.95 per oz.
(30 times sweeter than sugar ! ) We suggest using this tea cut herb by blending it into beverage teas, or when making a sweet herbal tea for the kids (instead of sugary drinks). (generally, use 1 part in 10, and probably less. Add to other dry ingedients before making tea.) It'll satisfy the most powerful sweet tooth.

Stevia standardized extract powder

$ 5.00 per 1/4 oz.

Stevia Starter kit

$ 8.00 ea.
(incudes 1/4 oz. packet of stevia standardized extract and 2 fl. oz. dropper bottle with instructions. You can also find the instructions for mixing the standardized extract with water, near the bottom of this page.

This white powder extract contains 90% pure stevioside, and is 300 times sweeter than sugar!
Stevia works well to sweeten baked goods and is stable for both baking and cooking purposes. This is my recommended sweetener for diabetic persons. It may actually help to stablilize blood sugar levels by reducing the amount of refined carbohydrates a person ingests. The active sweet constituent, Stevioside, is anti-bacterial, and so ingesting it may also help prevent tooth decay. This sweetener is also suggested for people with recurring bladder infections... meant to replace sugar or honey with this non-fermentable sweetner, which is not a carbohydrate, and has no calories!

Our recommendation: To make the extract powder easier to handle, we suggest purchasing a Stevia Starter kit, which includes a 1/4th oz. packet of Stevia Standardized Extract and a 2 fluid ounce amber dropper bottle, which makes storing and use much easier.

To use: Fill 2 oz. bottle with purified or distilled water ( leaving a small bit of space at the top). Pour this water into a clean, small cup. Next, empty the entire contents of the small plastic bag (1/4 oz. Stevia extract) into the cup. Stir until completely dissolved. (2 minutes). It will appear milky for about 1 hour, then it will become clear. Pour mixed stevia back into dropper bottle. Use 1-3 drops to sweeten a cup of tea or other beverage. Enjoy the sweet flavor you prefer, and enjoy your savings... ( a 2 fl. oz bottle of standardized extract dilute usually costs between $12.00 and $16.00 at most health food or herb stores). When you mix it yourself, and apply your own simple label, you pay only $8.00 ! After using the first packet, mixed as suggested above, clean and save your bottle for use in your next "fill up", which will cost only $5.00, since you need to purchase only the packet of standardized extract.

Milk thistle seed standardized extract powder

Contains 80% pure sillimarin ! Click here for pricing.

(a proven herb for regeneration of damaged liver tissue)
1 oz. represents a month's supply. Note: It is not necessary to encapsulate this bulk extract once you can visually identify the amount which fits into a size 00 gel cap, and has been emptied onto a teaspoon. The powder blends easily in warm water or juice, but can be taken orally by spoon, followed by several sips of water or juice. Save significantly on cost, by buying bulk, avoiding expensive encapsulation and fancy packaging.

Clinical studies in Europe in the 1990's confirmed this herbs ability to regenerate damaged liver cells. Therefore, it is highly useful in treating all forms of Hepatitis. Clinical studies suggest that the effectiveness of this standardized extract depends upon the dose taken. The suggested minimum dose is 450 mg. (which is the amount of standardized extract powder which can be packed into the large end of a size 00 capsule). It is recommended to take this amount twice daily, duplicating both the amount and the way it was administered in the clinical studies referred to. Ref. 1. "Morazzani, Paolo, and Ezio Bombardelli. Silybum marianum (Carduus marianus). Gitoterapia, Volume LXVI, No.1, 1995, pp. 3-42."

In my own experiences with making extracts of the ground seed, (using 80% alcohol + 20% H20, and extracted so that the resulting strength is 1:5, the obvious drawback was the alcohol content, and the relatively small percentage of sillymarin content within the extract. Even when the alcohol was removed using a low temperature evaporation process, and glycerine was instead substituted, the amount of the extract needed to obtain the required amount of Sillimarin (450mg), meant ingesting one or two ounces per day (which currently, is prohibitively expensive.) The whole seed extract previously described, DOES contain the natural oils of the Milk thistle seed, which may be important (in a holistic sense) to facilitate aspects of liver healing which are currently not clear. A "fortified" version of the whole milk thistle seed extract with a % of the Standardized extract will be available soon. I mention this only because we can see a similar process going on in the flour-making process ... yes.. the flour used in bread-making. When it is ground, the oils are removed to facilitate long-term storage. The problems caused by this refining relate to the metabolic breakdown of the food. When these oils are present, (as in a whole food), they act to make the "blend" more complex, and slow the process of the breakdown and absorption of the food, so that blood-sugar "spikes" do not happen. However, when dry flour is used to make bread, and these oils have been removed by refining, breakdown and absorption takes much less time, and cause blood sugar spikes... eventually leading towards diabetes. For your information, the oil removed from wheat during refining, is later sold back to consumers as mixed tocopherol Vitamin E oil !

Hepatitis C sufferers will, in most cases, see a huge improvement within 3 to 6 months of steady use, (unlike the pharmaceutical drugs available to treat this virus which work in only 35 to 40 per cent of cases, depending upon the geneotype of the virus which has infected the person). Also, Standardized Milk Thistle Seed extract is non-toxic, does not induce clinical depression (as the prescribed pharmaceuticals do in many cases). Note* Another adjunct to use with this Milk thistle seed extract is the"Liver-Moist Tonic Tea"which contains many herbs which have shown effectiveness in clinical studies in China with chronic hepatitis sufferers.
One last note: Since Hepatitis B and C are chronic conditions, requiring long-term suplimentation, we invite you to see our pricing on 1/4 lb. and larger amounts, including pound, kilo and multiple kilo pricing. We suggest storing larger amounts in a freezer to maintain freshness, although the manufacturer guarantees potency for two years when stored properly. (dark, cool, airtight conditions). If you'd rather not take a standardized extract, we also make a glycerite of Milk Thistle, which is then fortified with the standardized extract, to make it as strong as possible, while incorporating the natural complexes and oils in the raw seed, which may have been lost during the processing of the standardized extract. (We do this because we believe more in the effects of a whole herb extract rather than an extract of the herbs isolated components.) To see pricing for the glycerite, visit this link:glycerites.

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