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Michael Moores' Southwest School of Botanical Medicine
Michael Moore's  Southwest School of Botanical Medicine is a treasure trove of herbal medicinal information and resources. It is, hands-down, the absolute BEST herbal information site on the internet!!  An especially valuable resource for professional herbalists and healthcare practitioners of any ilk, who are interested in learning how to integrate herbal medicine into their own practice in practical ways. Michaels' site has many really valuable old medical texts of the Eclectic and Physiomedicalists era, and his site includes more of these than any other source. The extensive library of herb photos is superb, and his herbal resource list has connected me with many fine herbal folks and many beautiful medicine plants.

Michael Moore himself is a rare, sparkling gem of intellect and commitment, and has spent a great part of his life in the accumulation and transmission of (teaching about) this most valuable (of all) information, which we have, as humans, depended upon since the beginning... Healing with Plants. The only question I have is: " How on Earth do you know so much ?" ....Need I say more? I am extremely honored to have been his student in 1991.

Christopher Hobbs Website
Christophers' site deals mainly with education, and is a great source of heral information and resources. A special "herbal news" section is included in the library area, and several fine articles by Christopher are included in the "articles" section of this site. This fun guy is a really fine teacher and lecturer who never fails to bring out the most interesting (and important) details concerning one or another of the herbs. He is the author of several interesting herbal books, just loaded with researched, accurate, useful information. Christopher is a Clinical (AHG-certified) Herbalist, (Licenced accupuncturist), and very gentle soul and nice person. We inevetably have the most intersting conversations at the AHG conferences.

The Anima Retreat and Learning Center
"The word Anima, (pronounced ani-mah) is derived from the ancient Latin animus, meaning "breath," "spirit" and "courage." The word has since been redefined by everyone from Plato to Jung, but at its root it is simply the vital force connecting and animating all things. Many, varied retreats, classes and presentations are sponsored or created by commuity members. Very Good stuff!

David Crow's
I met David Crow at the Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine, ( held on April 2nd and 3rd, 2005) at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) facility, which is beautiful. David is an accomplished author (In Search of the Medicine Buddah), and a skilled practitioner of Chinese medicine and is a licensed accupuncturist; skills which he learned while studying in Tibet. But wait.... there is much more to this man than first meets the eye. David imports essential oils from India, which are truly unsurpassed in strength and purity. He presents informative and intoxicating classes about the essential oils, including photos (and continual sampling of various oils) which show the complex process of essential oil extraction, as is still practiced on a limited scale in India. He is also involved in promoting sustainable agricultural practices, by introducing inter-cropping of plants which are rich in essential oils. This process helps restore land fertility and increases the annual income of farmers involved in the program. I highly recommend checking out his Floracopeia site if you're interested in the highest quality TRUE essential oils.
Oh, but we're not done telling you about David yet....!!! He has also begun an educational paradigm shift with his concept of integrating our educational system into one of our favorite places... the calm, peaceful, garden, where many kids' experience with plants and nature begins. Click on The Learning to find out more or find out how to create a Learning Garden in your own childs school. Thank you, David for all the profound and inspirational work you're doing around the world !

Feather Jones
Feather Jones, my long-time friend, phenomenol herbalist, and earth-centered teacher is now living in Sedona, Arizona, where she is putting together a fine bunch of classes, and a Western Herbalism Certification Program, which will comprise a 400 hour curriculum, and will be 8 months long. Feather was formerly the head of the Rocky Mountain School of Botanical Studies, which was a 3 year program. Those of you interested in a course with this fine teacher should go to her website and send her an e-mail.
Begins March, 2006.

The Thymekeeper
The Thymekeeper is a delight to visit, with its finely-stocked shelves, containing about every imaginable herbal extract, salve, tea, or bulk herb. In addition, The Thymekeeper stocks many interesting artworks, cards, stones, and too many things to mention. Plan to spend awhile looking around, while the very knowledgeable staff helps you find whatever you might need for your own health, or a friends birthday. Located in historic, Manitou Springs, Colorado. is a wonderful infomational site put up by Mr. Ryan Peterson. It is a not-for profit site, which gives you all the real information about Stevia, the natural sweetener. This information might be the most interesting to people who have developed diabetes, or those who are at risk for its development. Stevia is Asia's largest sweetner (for over 20 years). It has no calories, and contains no sugar. Also appropriate in cases of candida albicans, a common yeast infection.

The Wilderness Lodge
Are you looking for a relaxing place to get away, soak, hike, and sleep in a private room, with the MOST comfortable beds, and decorated with rustic charm ? If you said yes, you will love The Wilderness Lodge, located at the Gila Hotsprings Community, in the heart of the Gila Wilderness, close to the Gila Cliff Dwellings. I whole-heartedly recommend looking over their site, then calling to make reservations for you, you and your sweetie, or your group. I've ALWAYS had a great time when staying here.

What do we think of the current U.S. Administration ?? Let us Surprise you!

Now that you know; can you think of any reason(s) we might think that way?

What can we do about the Human Population Problem on Earth? (Or has the doubling of Humans on Earth in the last 25 years, failed to catch your attention?)

If we are going to integrate herbal medicine into the mainstream medicine, or even just continue to use it in a "Village Heralist" context,
then it important for us to preserve the plant habitats. United Plant Savers is an organization devoted to the preservation of Native, Medicinal plant species, and their habitats.

Dr. James Dukes' site
This Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical data base is the site to visit when you want to find out what sorts of chemicals are inside each plant. Many times, this helps us in our efforts to understand the plants effects upon the Human body when ingested or used topically.

The American Herbal Products Association Site
This is an organization which I feel has an agenda oriented around promoting restrictions on herbs, while promoting the "BIG business" sort of herbal manufacturing by (pharmaceutical-type companies). In addition, they have refused to establish a less expensive tier of membership in their organization which would promote the active participation of small manufacturers and private practice herbalists. In my estimation, these folks are part of the problem, not part of the solution. These folks (M. McGuffin et al) have brought us such misguided ideas as the so-called "Traditional Medicines Congress" Traditional Medicines Congress

The American Indian Ethnobotany Database
The American Indian Ethnobotany Database is a great resource to learn how Native North Americans used plants as medicines and foods.

This site covers important Environmental Issues for the Rocky Mountain Region. Help maintain the world in which we all live. The Grassroots Activist Web Site for the Wild Rockies Bioregion

Thomas Legislative Information
Become Politically Active.!!   This link provides contact information for your Congressman and Senators. Please write or call them, and share your feelings about the issues concerning each persons Freedoms in choosing what sort of Health Care Treatment is best for them ! Encourage them to include proven alternative therapies... ( Chinese & American Herbal practices, Accupuncture, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy ),   in the legislative process of re-working the American Healthcare System, which is now too expensive and badly broken !!

The Hemp Products Network
The Hemp Products Network is a great resource for all sorts of information about Hemp and an array of products, from oils to textiles, made from this amazing plant.

Silver Web
Silver Web  ( The So-called, "Un-official" website for Silver City, New Mexico.)
But, If the truth be known, You can find out almost ANYTHING about this interesting, historical, town, through this portal!! Take a real "Silver City ride", on the Silver Web .

California Vipassana Meditation Center
The California Vipassana Meditation Center homepage is designed to introduce you to one of the oldest lineages of Buddhism.
S.N. Goenka teaches, a technique of meditation aimed at developing a new "sense",(like sight, or smell), however this new "sense" is different, and can only be found within oneself. It is all about developing an awareness of sensation throughout the body, thereby, providing a way of becomming and remaining present. There is no cost for the 10 day silent retreats, however, if the student finds the technique of value in their life, then they are free to contribute what they wish, in accordance with their means. This donation is given in the spirt of funding someone elses chance to attend a retreat, and to connect with this really beneficial meditation technique. A marvelous gift.

For more information, e-mail: Desert Bloom Herbs

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