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Silver City Herb Guild

Yerba Mansa in flower.

The more closely we look at Nature, the more tiny worlds of beauty we find.

The Silver City Herb Guild has disbanded as a formal entity, however these pages are being kept on Desert Bloom Herbs website, in order to keep the idea alive. Also, whenver I get a chance, I am continuing to work to formalize the necessary by-laws for a non-profit educational group, called "THE HERB GUILD PROJECT", which will attempt to formalize the structure needed to create future cohesive Herb Guild groups here and around the country.

You can read the history of the herb guild project and learn why we feel it is necessary to form cohesive groups throughout society, in order to protect our own abilites to use herbs and to educate each other about their safe uses, by clicking the link below:

Herb Guild Project, (a history)

The people and companies listed in these pages are still in association with one another, however, we could not find the commitment necessary within this group, to do the groundwork of setting up the structure, though the Silver City Herb Guild did succeed in presenting a number of interesting herbal medicine-making classes, and herb walks, which were a great deal of fun, and were well-received by those who participated.

If you are one of the folks who supported us by attending our herbal medicine-making classes, and wish to learn more about the preparation and uses of herbs, please click on this classes link to see a schedule of classes which will be put on by Richard McDonald, Clinical Herbalist, owner of Desert Bloom Herbs. upcoming classes

I am actively soliciting help in the work of writing up the by-laws for a prototype local non-profit herb guild group. Anyone who is interested to help with this nuts and bolts work is encouraged to call me (Richard McDonald) at 505-388-3542.

Bear Creek Herbs -- 388-5035

Desert Woman Botanicals -- 535-2860

Desert Bloom Herbs -- 388-3542

Roots Woman Wildcrafting -- 388-1482

Click on the links below to see the indicated pages.

History of Silver City Herb Guild

Silver City Herb Guild Meeting Archives

Silver City Herb Guild Articles Archives

SCHG Wish List

The Silver City Herb Guild is looking for a space in which to hold regular monthly public meetings and classes. The space we're hoping to find would be suitable for holding classes of up to 25 people, and needs to be equipped with a sink and stove.

We are also seeking donations from local businesses, who wish to support the Silver City Herb Guild. We will be pleased to provide mini ads about our sponsors' companies, with links to their business web site.

We think it is important that everyone knows about the international legal "shenannigans" which are threatening to take away all our abilities to use herbs and supplements to keep yourselves healthy and well. Please click on the link below to visit the information page about this very serious threat.

The threat against supplements and herbs

Silver City Herb Guild
P.0. Box 1947
Silver City, NM. 88062

This website is maintained by Richard McDonald. You can e-mail me about any errors or suggestions regarding the Silver City Herb Guild's pages. by clicking on my name.

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