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Herbal Protocols and Suggestions

This is an "Organizational Conduit" page
containing herbal Information and Suggestions
relevant to many health concerns

The information on these pages is offered in the spirit of sharing information about herbs and foods, and how they may be used. We think all people are lots happier when they are healthy, and hope the information you find through this portal helps you to stay that way, HAPPY & HEALTHY !!.

The information here is not intended as medical advice, or as a substitute for seeking licensed medical help. Click here to See our Disclaimer page.

We encourage folks to visit and utilize a licensed alternative medical practitioner if possible. Those who do will discover that these practitioners use forms of medical treatment which are based on a different model than "orthodox" (allopathic) practitioners. The underlying systems are much older than the 100 year old orthodox medical system, embodying the clinical observations of practitioners for thousands of years. These ancient medical systems are less invasive, less expensive, and have much more to offer most clients than the usual "drugs and surgery" approach to medical treatment, which is practiced most often by medical doctors today.

It is good to keep in mind one particular World Health Organization statistic, which says that "80% of all human beings on Earth use Herbs as their primary form of medical treatment". It is also sobering to realize that according to the most recent government reporting, "180,000 people die each year (in the United States alone) from PROPERLY PRESCRIBED pharmaceutical drugs". (Approximately 1,900 per week die, making the taking of pharmaceutical drugs one of the most dangerous thing you can do !!)
It is also notworthy that according to the same sources of information, only two people (on average) die each year from the use of supplements, and (on average) one dies each year from using herbs.

It is clear that natural therapies are "hands down", the least invasive, safest, most effective, and most cost-effective methods for MOST human ailments.

I personally include dietary modifications towards unrefined foods and unprocessed, organic plant based foods as a form of natural therapy, which is widely overlooked in todays world, but which is truly at the heart of creating good health within ourselves.

Some things, such as exposure to pollution may be beyond our immediate control, however, other things such as making certain to drink at least a 64 fluid ounces of pure WATER each day (besides any other beverages), and making certain we get plenty of aerobic exercise each day, unless medically contraindicated, are other pieces of the health puzzle which are already known to be beneficial to ones health.

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