How to Become a Patient

1.) Call Desert Bloom Herbs 575-388-3542 during business hours
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. MOUNTAIN TIME.

2.) Speak with Clinical Herbalist Richard McDonald to learn specifics of the informed consent form, and how to become a patient of his.

Becoming Richard's patient is an easy process. First, we ask you to read, sign and return our informed consent form, (which we will send to you either by snail mail or e-mail). Then have a short, telephone or in-person visit with Mr. McDonald, for assessment purposes and to familiarize him with your condition and background information. This will, in most cases, allow you to have access to the products Richard makes for his patients. There is no charge to set up your written file, which creates a Patient-Practitioner relationship, and which begins when you read, sign and return the informed consent form to Desert Bloom Herbs.

3.) All patient information is kept confidential and secure. All records of visits and suggestions or medicines given, are kept on file for 3 years after a patient's last visit or consultation. We cannot share this information with others without your written consent.

4.) All services and products must be paid for at the time service is rendered, except when other arrangements are made ahead of time. We accept Visa or Master card credit or debit cards, or cash. We can also accept payment using Paypal. If you are a local patient, we will accept your personal check with accompanying photo identification. We do not accept reimbursement payments through any health care insurance.

Other Available Services and Fees:

Intake form and Consultation: $50.00

Dietary Log book and Consultation: $50.00

Pre-arranged phone Consultation $ 25.00 / hour

Desert Bloom herbal products: Cost of products + shipping

Reiki energetic body work $ 50.00 / 1 hour session

Distance Reiki energetic work $ 50.00 / 1 hour session

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