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The soaps I make most often are listed below. (though I will make custom 10 lb. batches by special order)... These items are more often out of stock than in. If you inquire when you place an order for other things, I'll be happy to let you know which of the following soaps we do have in stock, and put you on our CALL list for notification when a particular type is made again. This is the only way I have been able to keep soap stocks fresh, as these are all natural ingredient soaps, and are classified as "super-fatted", meaning that there are more than "the usual amount" of free oils within the matrix of the soap bar. These serve to moisturize all skin types, however, they are also more susceptible to rancidity. Therefore, I've developed this special procedure (call list) so that each bar is fresh and fragrant.

3.6 oz. (approx.) bars $4.50 each

(note* Some bars may be smaller, since they are all hand-cut.)
All soaps are sold at 1.25 per ounce, regardless of the size of the bar. Sold in ounces ( by actual bar weight).

These soaps are made in limited quantities by me at my small facility, or when teaching soapmaking classes. They contain the finest fixed and essential oils, as well as fine organic herbal water extracts. These are referred to as "super-fatted soaps, and contain approximately 10% oils which have not been changed into soap. They therefore are moisturizing, instead of drying, and are wonderful for dry or sensitive skin types.

I use only high quality, true essential oils, and never use artificial fragrance oils, (which are cheap, but can damage your sense of smell and your health since many synthetic ingredients are toxic). My soaps are more expensive than many, because we use the BEST ingredients !
You'll LOVE 'em !

If you're interested in learning how to make fine soaps at home, check out my Soapmaking Classes

Tangerine Tango (out)

Sensual Cedar-Sage (out)

Lavender Hotsprings

Lemon Rose Sunset

Desert Mountain Mint

Lemongrass Fields

Note* The following Herbal Bath Blends are not offered in my catalog, but you can now purchase them as a "special request" item. Please ask when you place your order with me.

Herbal Bath Blends

Turn Your Bathtime into a Relaxing and Refreshing Experience!
1/4 pound size includes: 4 oz. Fragrant Herb Blend per pack and a large, re-usable Muslin Drawstring Bag.

$ 8.25 each.

Rejuvinate Skin Soothe
Sweet Surrender Muscle-Relaxer

Soothing, Aromatic Bath Salts

All my very fragrant, soothing bath salts contain the same base blend of Mineral Salts, Sea Salt, Natural Clays, and pure vegetable glycerin, but each has an entirely different aroma blend and effect, since they each contain different, unique blends of essential oils and herbs. The base ingredient blend is designed to pull toxins out of the body, through the skin while you soak in the water,.... relaxing and taking a break from the stresses of modern life. Each product was given a name which we hope will put a picture in your mind of their aromatic characteristics.

Pacific Reef

Imagine standing on the edge of an island shoreline, smelling the fresh sea breeze as it blends with the scent of flowering tropical jungle plants.

Citrus Sage

Imagine lying in the shade of a tree near a softly gurgling brook. Listen to the gentle sounds and smell the fragrances of lemon, lime and oranges wafting from the fruits, hanging on the trees around you.


Imagine sitting in the middle of a mountain peppermint or spearmint patch, listening to the birds. Feel your skin being refreshed, and stimulated with sensations created by the minty essential oils.

Each type costs $ 7.50 and comes in a 6 oz. labeled clear glass jar with plastic lid. Each jar should provide six relaxing or stimulating baths.


Note* these massage oils are offered by special order only.

Each one of these subtly-scented oils are blended together carefully to assure uniformity.
They all contain: Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, & Vitamin E oil, + a unique blend of Essential Oils.

4 fluid ounce size 8 fluid ounce size
Tropical Garden 7.50 12.50
Eastern Dream 8.00 15.50
Earthly Basil 7.00 12.50
Mystic Mandarin Moods 7.00 12.50
Desert Secrets 9.75 18.00

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