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Our article on the threats to DSHEA (the Dietary Supplements, Health and Education Act)
"Say Goodbye to Herbs, Supplements, and your Freedoms"

Our article about the attack on Herbs and Supplements... (another perspective).. Health Freedom Fighter, John Hammel has been watching this scenario progress to its present and dangerous point. The website address is: International Advocates for Health Freedom.

The F.D.A. has a website on the internet. It's address is: This will take you to a particular article on their site, which is a copy of a speech given by the head of the F.D.A. to Congress. Since it is a 40 page document, just scan through it until you get to Item 6.FDA and the GLOBAL MARKETPLACE: international HARMONIZATION."

Get Politically Active. Find your representatives by clicking the link below, then write to them, expressing your feelings on the issues concerning Freedom of Health Care!
Thomas Legislative Information

Becoming politically active also means writing LOTS of letters to everyone who may be a player in the decision making process. (Scan down the page to "what can be done at this late hour" section after clicking the following link...Organizations with form letters about these issues These organizations found through the links near the bottom of the page will help you get a running start at fulfilling your responsibility as a U.S. citizen and protecting your rights to use the form of medicine you choose to use, and will keep our laws regarding herbs and supplements strong. Acting to protect herbs will also help prevent our U.S. Constitution from being perverted and diluted by the desire to increase international trade through illegal trade treaties ! Please.... take the time to protect your own rights. (unless you want corporate power to RULE YOUR LIFE !!

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