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Desert Bloom Herbs' commitment to you is many-fold.

First, our Earth-centered awareness and ethical wildcrafting practices help promote plant population regeneration. These practices help to assure that healthy stands of herbs in clean areas, which we use to make medicines, will be around well into the future.

Secondly, we carefully combine more familiar European and Chinese herbs with less well-known but amazingly effective herbs of the southwestern United States, used traditionally by the indigenous local peoples. This "blending" of the best from several traditions from around the world, yields plant medicines of the highest quality and most wide-ranging uses.

Our commitiment to the Earth and to making quality products is real. The point is, we believe, to provide health care options that really work and herbal products which are beautiful and sensual, and which enhance our experience of life. We believe that by interacting with the natural world, and depending upon it for our own health and healing we can make a profound improvement in the health of the Earth.

By conciously deciding to try a few herbal teas, or by seeking out and attending a class or an herb walk in your local area , a person can open many connections with the natural world which were formerly closed. By taking time to personally commune with Nature, each person can enhance their own lifes experiences, and come to realize the inter-connectedness and inter-dependence of all life on Earth.

At Desert Bloom Herbs, we believe in choice, especially when it comes to our own bodies, and in deciding individually which healing modality or combination best suits us. We also believe our rights in these matters come directly from our creator, (not from our government or some"health-care-plan.")

As beings on the Earth Mother, it is our undeniable right to use plants and plant medicines to effect healing in ourselves. It is our commitment to assure your freedom in these health care matters by supplying high quality herbal products, providing accurate information about the herbs themselves, and teaching classes in all areas of herbalism.
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Currently, I am in Europe, teaching herbal classes and making herbal medicines with the people of Poland and Denmark, (so far). I am returning there to teach the 2013 year, ... traveling around Poland, from city to city, or countryside land.... but always visiting the nearby forests to discover the quality of the natural habitat and mix of plant species in one area. I shall be back in the early part of the year in 2014. In the meantime:

For local residents of Silver City and Grant County,you can call 1-575-520-8881 to place an order. We accept only cash, check, or money orders, but no longer accept card payments (sorry). You must now call to place your order and arrange for a time to pick it up. We can also arrange to send your package out to you by mail when you request it. In 1994, a group of herbalists and interested community members, formed the The Silver City Herb Guild-archives, the mission of which was to teach classes in herbal medicine-making, and conduct local herb walks throughout the year. We encouraged people to become a member of this dynamic group, in order to deepen their own personal experiential knowledge of how to use plant medicines, (from teas to extracts), and to rediscover their unique connections with the natural world, and with improving health with natural herbal remedies and excellent foods.

With kind regards,
Richard McDonald, C.H.

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