Anti-fungal Salve

Ingredients : Yerba mansa, Chapparal, Scarlet globe mallow, Desertwillow, Usnea, Comfrey leaf, Orange peel, Spilanthes, Golden seal root, Irish moss, Myrhh, Indian root, Arizona cypress, Lomatium d., Grapeseed oil, Beeswax, Eucalyptus essential oil, Tea tree essential oil.

Uses: Antifungal salve is formulated to reduce or eliminate conditions involving foot or skin fungus infections. It works well in conjunction with extracts, foot baths, and applications of foot powders or cremes. For best results, apply to skin or feet twice daily, after cleaning the area well with soap and water, and air drying (a blow dryer works well for drying between the toes).
This salve combines some of the strongest anti-fungal desert herbs available, such as Chapparal and Desert willow, while other herbs which are included (Scarlet globe mallow and Myrhh) soothe and heal skin. Goldenseal and Lomatium roots are included, since they are anti-bacterial and anti-viral respectively. All these herbs are pre-digested before they are simmered for a weeks time in the Grapeseed oil. This allows the fullest possible extraction to occur, locking the medicinal qualities of all these healing plants into the deeply-penetrating base of Grapseed oil. The salve is thickened with unrefined beeswax, which also further acts to protect your skin.
Even if no infection is present, this salve has properties which moisturize the skin, especially in dry climates. Hands and nails respond well to the regular application of
Anti-fungal Salve when doing any kind of work which is drying to skin and hands.